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734.487.8045 - Kristi Teasdale, Assistant Director - Fitness, Summer Fun Camp, Fitness Room, Emergency Procedures

Wellness on Campus

Happy winter, EMU Faculty, Staff and Students!!

New Years Resolutions Campaign

With a new year, comes new goals, initiatives and plans! We have started a New Years Resolution Campaign at the Rec/IM with patrons filling out their resolutions and putting them on display in the building. If you're ever feeling unmotivated just stop by the New Years Display Case to reenergize yourself!

Wellness Events

Calling all staff and faculty! For just $15, you can take part in Relaxation Yoga, which will be taking place on Fridays at 12pm starting the second week of February, for four weeks. If you decide that during the 4 week class, that you want a Rec/IM membership then the $15 you paid for Relaxation Yoga will go towards the cost of the Rec/IM membership. For more information, please contact Kristi Teasdale!

Group Fitness Classes

We have an excellent selection of group fitness classes that are offered Monday through Friday.  Programming is free for all registered EMU students and paid members, including Faculty/Staff with valid Rec/IM memberships.

Follow us on social media for more details on upcoming wellness programming for the entire EMU community.  

On-Campus Resources / Wellness Partners

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