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Welcome to Fun Camp!

The Rec/IM Department at EMU is offering an exciting opportunity for your child/children to participate in a multi-dimensional day camp designed to promote friendship and fun!

We are fortunate to be affiliated with a campus that offers a variety of resources to tap into as we plan our program. Campers will participate in groups with children of similar ages. Activities will be programmed to accommodate the interests and skill levels of each group. All children will have opportunities to interact together each day.


Children ages 7 (or entering 2nd grade in the fall) through 12.


Fun camp is managed by two Rec/IM professional staff members. The counselors are EMU students who have a passion for working with children, and are studying education or recreation, and/or have childcare-related experiences.


EMU Rec/IM Complex
100 Olds/Robb
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197


START DATE: June 15, 2015

END DATE: August 21, 2015

*See Registration document for more details


Fun Camp Links

***Summer 2015 Registration is HERE!***

Parents: There are a few changes to the Parent Handbook - please read it over!



Team Games
Swim Lessons
Open Swim
Arts and Crafts
Fun with Books
Field Trips
Special Events
Special Guests
Weekly Themes
Kids Choice and More!

* We are introducing two new programs into our camp day!! Rockin' Reading and Magnificent Math will be new, fun, engaging, and hands-on additions to academically support your child in reading and math throughout the summer while they are out of school. Many of the counselors are in education-related fields of study, recognize the importance of literacy and math development, and are so excited to be able to provide this opportunity to Fun Campers!! These programs are intended to be set parts of the day, and will not be considered choices that the campers can opt out of. As we have a wide age range in our camp, campers will be grouped together by age and ability to ensure accommodation of individual learning styles. We hope you share our enthusiasm about these additions! If you have any questions, concerns, ideas to contribute (the more the better!), etc... please feel free to email Lindsay (Head Counselor) for more information.

Rockin' Reading: Rockin' Reading will provide campers with reading and literacy experiences on Monday and Wednesday mornings for about 30-45 minutes. Counselors will be creating, planning, and implementing activities which will include everything from read-alouds chosen by campers, collaborative literature circles to compare and contrast book content, themes, characters, writing styles, etc..., inventive poetry sessions, and many more!

Magnificent Math: Magnificent Math will provide original, engaging, and collaborative math activities for campers on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Gabriela Dumitrascu is a math instructor at EMU, and has led several math camps for children, one of which, we collaborated with for a day last summer --- our campers loved it! She will be creating, planning, and implementing activities for our campers herself for the first 3 weeks of camp, and later on in the summer, giving her students experience to create, plan, and implement activities for our campers until Week 9 of Fun Camp! We are so excited to have her help, expertise, creativity, and passion for providing our campers with such fabulous math-related opportunities.


Parents enrolling their child should send them with a lunch (or money to buy food on site), and a daily snack. The campers will eat lunch at the Student Center on Fridays. They may purchase food from the various vendors there or bring their own. The cost to purchase a lunch is approximately $5.00.



Comfortable play clothes and shoes, swimsuit and towel. Shoes should be running shoes or sandals with a heel strap. If your child desires to wear flip-flops or sandals without straps, please make sure they have another set of safe shoes for active games and activities.

Learn-to-Swim Program

A unique feature of our Fun Camp experience is the Learn-to-Swim Program, where campers will acquire lifelong aquatic skills. They will receive lessons from certified swim instructors two mornings per week and enjoy free swim time every afternoon. A swimsuit and towel are required for each camper.

Special Notes

If your child is under seven years of age, please contact the EMU Children's Institute at 734.487.2348 for information regarding their Flights of Imagination Program.

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