Graduation Information

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

To graduate from Eastern Michigan University, students must fulfill general requirements, satisfy major and minor requirements, and earn a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, or one of the baccalaureate degrees pertinent to fields of study as authorized by the University. Candidates must also submit an application for graduation online via My.Emich.

The minimum number of credits hours required for graduation is 124. To earn a degree, students must complete:

  1. Fall 2007 General Education requirements
  2. A major of 30 to 36 hours and a minor of 20 to 24 hours (as specified in fields of study) or complete a self-contained program of 50-60 hours,
  3. Electives to equal the minimum total of 124 hours
  4. All other University requirements

The catalog requirements in effect at the time of the student's initial registration at the University or the requirements of a subsequent catalog may be used to complete graduation requirements.

In the event the student does not complete degree requirements within seven years of the date of his/her original registration, the student may be required to have his/her credits re-evaluated by the Office of Records and Registration in keeping with more recent catalog requirements.


Each student must complete a major subject of at least 30 semester hours, and a minor subject of not less than 20 semester hours, with the following two exceptions:

  1. A student in the Elementary Teaching curriculum may present three minors of not less than 20 semester hours, each of which are subject fields taught in the elementary grades.
  2. A student who completes the specialized programs for teachers of Art, Business Education, Industrial Education and Music, or the professional programs in Applied Science, Business Education, Industrial Education and Music, or the professional programs in Applied Science, Business Administration, Clinical Laboratory Science, Criminal Justice, Nursing, Music Therapy, Industrial Technology, Interior Design,Occupational Therapy, Health Administration, Language and International Trade, and Social Work will automatically satisfy major-minor requirements.

Hours of credit counted on a minor may not be applied to a major or another minor or vice versa. General Education courses may be applied towards a major or a minor where appropriate.

Professional education courses do not count toward majors and minors except in cases in which such courses are specifically required or indicated as permissible as part of a major or minor.

All students, including transfer students, must complete at Eastern Michigan University the following minimum requirements in advanced courses numbered 300 or above in their majors and minors, unless specifically exempted by the department concerned:

  • At least nine hours in majors.
  • At least six hours in minors.
  • At least 15 hours in curricula that encompass both major and minor requirements.