Registration Information

In order to register for classes you have to be admitted to Eastern Michigan University. If you are not, contact the Admissions Office.

Before registering for classes:

  • Do not try to register prior to your assigned day & time.
  • Know the CRNs of all the classes you want to register for in advance.
  • Resolve time conflicts between various classes before you try to register.
  • Check the course catalog to verify that you have met all the prerequisites for restrictions required for every course.
  • Make sure there are no outstanding financial holds on your student account.
  • Obtain any necessary departmental permissions prior to registration.
  • Select all the various required sections of the course. For example a course which has Lecture, Lab & Recitation.
  • Ensure you are aware of all semester deadlines, including those for Part of Terms (P/T) outside of the normal 15 week schedule.
  • Note that the 100% deadline and the census date for each semester are the same based on the 15 week schedule.

Visit Extended Programs & Educational Outreach for information about registering for online and off-campus courses.