Enrollment Status

Undergraduate: Fall/Winter Summer
Full-time: 12 credits 12 credits
Half-time: 6 credits 6 credits
Graduate: Fall/Winter Summer
Full-time: 8 credits 8 credits
Half-time 4 credits 4 credits
Attention students who hold an F or J visa:

To avoid being out-of-status, it is your responsibility to report within 10 days to the Office of International Students (OIS), 244 Student Center, any change in name, current address of residence, academic status (full or part-time enrollment), date of program completion, program/major change, level change (undergraduate to graduate), change in funding source (employment or graduate assistant position), probation or disciplinary action leading to suspension due to conviction of a crime.

Effective January 1, 2003, EMU has 21 days from the date of the reported event to inform the U. S. Government Bureau of Border Security (formerly known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service - name changed March 2003). OIS enters the data into a real-time database and new documents or I-20's are then issued to you. Remember that dropping or withdrawing from course(s) may put you below full-time enrollment. Before a drop/withdrawal change is made that reduces enrollment below full-time status, you must receive permission from the OIS. If you plan to transfer to another university, this process must begin before the end of your last semester at EMU; contact the Office of International Students. Noncompliance could result in actions leading up to a fine, arrest, or deportation per the U.S. Government.