Single Rooms

Single rooms are a nice thing to have…as long as you can afford it.  However, students who request a single need to give careful consideration to the extra costs associated with doing so.

  • Single rooms do cost a lot more per semester than a double room.
  • Students are NOT given additional money as part of their financial aid package to cover the extra cost of a single room or apartment.
  • Be prepared to pay up to $1300 more per semester out of your own pocket to cover that extra cost.
  • You are going to need to know how you are going to find the extra funds to pay the balance of your fall bill that is not covered by financial aid.
  • Each year we have a number of students who are not able to pay their balance because of the additional single room costs so they are forced to leave the university at the end of the fall semester thereby delaying their education plans.
  • CHOOSE WISELY when making your decision!!

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