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Summer 2014 Housing Information

Residence Halls

Summer Housing is available in the Village. Buildings C, D, and E will be used.

Building C will have all single bedrooms (4 people to an apartment)

Building D and E will be double room occupancy in three bedrooms and one single bedroom in each unit (7 people to an apartment)

A limited number of single rooms will be available on a first come first serve basis

Assignments will be made on a walk-in basis on Sunday, May 4

Information regarding move-in procedures will be sent to students who submit an application and a $20 prepayment for summer.

Summer Semester Costs:

Single Bedroom Occupancy    $1580
Double Bedroom Occupancy   $ 791


University Apartments

Students currently living in university apartments may remain in their current unit for summer as long as the student has signed a contract for the Fall 2014/Winter 2015.

Students who are not currently living in University Apartments but who have a contract to live there for the fall are also eligible for summer housing.

Due to turn-over, we may not be able to assign you the same unit for both Summer and Fall/Winter.

Summer Semester Costs:

Single Occupancy   $1580
Double Occupancy $ 791


Summer Storage with University Apartments

Current apartment residents may be eligible to participate in the Summer Storage program. Please click here for information on the application process. The cost for Summer Storage is $300/person.

The deadline to apply for Summer Storage is Friday, April 11th, 2014.


To apply for Summer housing, please click here.