Multicultural Leadership Experience Community

Multicultural Leadership Experience Community

8th Floor Pittman Hall - Starting Fall 2018

Multicultural Leadership Experience Floor is an intentional living-learning community connected with a Diversity and Community Involvement and Campus Life program experience to grow as a leader intrapersonally.

Through guided reflection and dialogue, identity and values exploration, and peer education, this program creates an activities based learning environment that challenges each student to broaden and deepen one’s ability to understand multiculturalism and ethical leadership to influence positive social change.

This program is designed to be nonhierarchical; Students should come to understand that:

(1) Leadership is collaborative

(2) Leadership must include commitment to social justice

(3) Leadership is based on values

(4) Leadership is NOT solely reserved for individuals holding leadership positions

(5) Leadership is about positive change.

You must apply to the MLE program to join the MLE Community. For more info and to apply to the program:


MLE Community Programming Model


MLE LLTC Year 1: Individual Growth

This is the first phase of the LLTC and MLE program, which means the community will be focusing on the following pillars:


Consciousness of Self: Truly being aware of yourself and committed to a life-long journey to explore, challenge, and understand your lived experience.  

Congruence: Recognizing that your values and your decisions are interlocked, and ensuring that you are making choices that you believe in.

Commitment: Dedication and proactive engagement to continuously challenge and support yourself in being the best you that you can be.  

Community: Consciously choosing to view all people as part of the same whole, and working to make that whole a safer and healthier place for all.


MLE LLTC Year 2: Group and Community

This is the second phase of the LLTC and MLE program, which means the community will be focusing on the following pillars:


Collaboration: Learning how each individual functions in a group setting, and learning how to utilize everyone’s strengths to achieve a common goal.  

Common Purpose: Recognizing that we are all here to promote positive social change through leadership.

Dialoguing Through Conflict: Engaging voices, experiences, and differences to best foster a learning environment that challenges the status quo and empowers all.

Active Citizenship: Fostering a demonstrated commitment to responding to the needs of your community by making it a priority in your choices and values.

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