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Living-Learning & Theme Communities


Arts Appreciation Community

1st and 2nd Floors Walton Hall

Dance, art, theatre, music, creative writing - if these pursuits interest you as a profession or hobby, the Arts Appreciation Community will be an extraordinary living learning community for you. Open to students in any major, the Arts Appreciation Community involves exploring multiple aspects of the arts and sharing your views with each other. This community will provide residents a chance to show their work in a student art showcase as well as provide students an opportunity to visit local museums in the southeast Michigan area.

SPECTRUM Community

8th Floor Hoyt Hall

This community is for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, or any other sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. Allies and friends are also invited to live in this community. Students will work to create a supportive and inclusive community that encourages academic and personal growth. Residents can expect programming that explores gender and sexual identities and will be tied into campus organizations like the LGBT Resource Center.

Honors Housing

Best Hall and Downing Hall

Downing is only open to residents enrolled in the Honors College. Best Hall is open to Honors College, or those with a 3.3 GPA or higher, if space is available. Preference in both halls is given to those enrolled in the Honors College. A variety of Honors College related activities are regularly held in the halls and students will have greater access to professors as well as Honors College staff. A number of Honors classes are typically held in main lounge of each building each semester.

Pre-Professional Community

8th Floor Hill Hall

Students living in the Pre-Professional Community will be provided an opportunity for academic support, career exploration, and integrated social experiences. Residents of this community can look forward to a living experience geared to those who are looking to continue their education beyond their undergraduate career. As such, programs geared toward test-taking preparation, applying to graduate schools, and career coaching will be offered.

Marching Band Community

currently 2nd & 3rd Floors Wise Hall, relocating for the 2015-2016 academic year to 3rd floor Walton

This community is open to members of the EMU marching band, which performs at all Eagle home football games and other events. Residents will share a social experience and will be able to more easily practice and collaborate.

ROTC Community

8th Floor Pittman Hall

Students living in this community will have the opportunity to reside with other students enrolled in the ROTC program at EMU. This experience will provide residents with the opportunity to interact with faculty and staff in the Military Science Department outside the normal classroom experience.

Health and Wellness Community

2nd Floor Hill Hall & 2nd Floor Sellers Hall

Students living and learning together in this theme community are dedicated to living active, healthy, and substance-free lifestyles. The Health and Wellness Community provides opportunities for students to have a good time without consuming substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Residents will enjoy programs focused on physical wellness and psychological well-being.

Sustainability Community

currently 2nd and 3rd Floors Wise Hall, relocating for the 2015-2016 academic year to 2nd floor Pittman

The Sustainability Community will expose and challenge you to participate in the conservation of a variety of resources. Programs include learning about sustainable business practices, social justice, and protection of the environment. Residents will have the opportunity to work with a number of on-campus organizations and other community entities on programs designed to reduce energy consumption and develop recycling initiatives.

BrotherHOOD Scholars

Ground Floor Sellers

The BrotherHOOD Scholars is a part of a university-wide initiative designed to engage and foster a stronger sense of community for men of color at EMU. Through collaborative partnerships with various campus offices and community organizations, this initiative strives to help more men of color persist and to equip them with the tools to be successful once they earn their degrees. The BrotherHOOD Scholars Community is designed for incoming first-year men of color who are freshmen at the university.

21 and Over Floors

Hill and Hoyt Halls

These floors are designed for students seeking a more mature environment. Students must be over 21 to be eligible.

Transfer Student Floor

Pittman Hall

This floor is designed for new incoming transfer students who would like to live in an environment with others who are new to EMU.

Graduate Cluster

Munson Hall

For graduate students looking to reside near other graduates, the Graduate Cluster in Munson will give students the opportunity to interact with others in various graduate programs.