601 West Forest Apartments

601 West Forest Apartments

This historical house consists of four apartments that are conveniently located on the south-east edge of main campus. Each apartment has its own kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Married couples and/or applicants with dependents are not permitted to reside in this complex. Please take a moment to review the 601 West Forest Contract Addendum, which outlines additional, specific policies for this complex.

Suite Measurements

Apt. One: Two Bedroom (Double)
Dimensional Floor Plan

Apt. Two: Three Bedroom (Quad)
Dimensional Floor Plan

Apt. Three: Two Bedroom (Triple)
Dimensional Floor Plan

Apt. Four: Two Bedroom (Quad)
Dimensional Floor Plan

Staff Contact

Nick DibenedettoNick DiBenedetto
Graduate Hall Director
(734) 487-1184

Tamara Miller Tamara Miller
Area Complex Director
(734) 487-8084


601 West Forest Apartments
Per Year: $4,756 
Per Semester: $2,378

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