Activating Eagle OneCard

Financial Refund

Once a student has received their Eagle OneCard in the mail they must activate the card at At the end of the activation process a student must select one of the following refund options in order to receive a financial refund from the University:

- Easy Refund: Electronic deposit into the OneAccount, on the Eagle OneCard. Funds are available the first day of class after 12:00 p.m. providing all financial aid requirements have been met.
- ACH Transfer: Electronic deposit into a third party bank or credit union account. Funds are available in the account within 2-3 business days after the first day of class providing all financial aid requirements have been met.


In addition, any student working on campus must choose one of the following payroll preferences: Easy Refund, ACH Transfer or Paper Check. Log into and select payroll for more information.

Student Privileges

Once an Eagle OneCard is active, the card will allow students who are registered for the current semester to access the following student privileges:

- Computer Lab
- Door Access to Residence Hall
- Home Sporting Events
- Library
- Meal Plans
- Rec/IM - Olds-Robb Recreation Center