University Collections

The University Collections Department is responsible for counseling students on available options to pay future and past due charges on their student accounts. Our goal is to assist students with registration barriers and their financial obligations to the University.

In order to achieve our goal, we encourage students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at every year and to check their monthly Ebill at the Ebill website. We also suggest that students who are attending fall and winter semesters sign up for the four payment plan if they are unable to pay their balances in full. There is a one-time fee charged to sign up for the payment plan. This payment plan allows students to spread their balances equally over four installments. Students who want to attend classes in the spring and/or summer semesters must fill out a spring/summer financial aid application each year in February.

In order to register for future semesters, Eastern Michigan University requires that student account balances are $100.00 or less. All account balances over $100.00 are subject to monthly late fees. Any account that is 90 days past due after the close of the semester with no payment activity on the account may be sent to an outside collection agency.

If financial aid (Federal loans, scholarship, grants) has paid on your student account leaving you with a balance and you want to register for an upcoming semester, we suggest that you contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss your loan options, such as a private loan. To view private loan options, please visit the Financial Aid's Private Loan page.

When you have exhausted all options and you still need assistance with your student account balance, please contact University Collections at or (734) 487-3070.

Things to Remember:

  • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year (complete the financial aid application in early January each year)
  • Complete the Spring/Summer financial aid application in early February (completion of application does not guarantee financial aid eligibility)
  • Check the Ebill website for your student account balance monthly
  • In order to register for future semesters, student account balances must be $100.00 or less
  • Sign up for a payment plan, for the current semester only, if you cannot pay the balance in full at the start of the semester
  • Transcripts are not issued if there is a past due balance on your student account (No Exceptions!)
  • Questions regarding loan options visit the Office of Financial Aid