Payment Plans

Bills are due in full by the first bill due date of the semester unless a payment plan is established. Students may enroll in a payment plan for current semester charges online only by visiting the E-Bill website; payment plans do not include past due charges. If you have past due charges and make a payment on the payment plan, the payment will go towards your past due charges, not your installment. There is a minimal set-up fee for the payment plan per semester. Once enrolled in the payment plan, the bill will be broken down into installments and due dates will be provided. As long as all payments are made prior to the bill due dates listed, no late fees will be assessed. If payments are made late, a late fee will be assessed for each late installment. Payments are not deducted from a payer's account automatically - all payments must be initiated.

When financial aid applies to student accounts with payment plans, the financial aid payment will equally reduce all installments. It will not pay off the first installment(s). Even if financial aid has not paid on student accounts in the beginning of a semester, students are still required to make their first installment payments by the due date. Students should take the total amount of their charges, subtract their financial aid from this number, and divide the difference by the number of installments in their payment plan. The remaining figure is the amount due. Students who have their financial aid completed prior to the start of the semester will likely have it reflected on their first student E-Bill. If the financial aid is reflected, simply divide the amount listed by the number of installments in the plan and pay that amount.

To enroll in the payment plan, log into the E-Bill website and click on the "Payment Plan" tab.

Have past due charges? Contact the Collections Department.