General Information

Student Business Services process all student refunds. Students, including staff and faculty members, must have an Eagle OneCard in order to receive a refund from the University.

Financial aid payments are applied twice weekly: Tuesday and Saturday. When financial aid award payments exceed tuition costs, academic fees, and campus room and board, a refund will be issued according to the student's refund preference. Financial aid may be used by the University to pay educational charges up to $200.00 from prior aid years, however, it cannot pay non-educational charges within the current aid year or prior aid years unless an "Authorization to Pay" form is on file. Financial aid will pay all educational charges within the current aid year without an "Authorization to Pay" form on file. Students who have not submitted this form should be aware that all of the charges on their student account may not be paid even though they have received a refund.

Be aware that the "Authorization to Pay" form is a financial aid requirement. Students must either accept or decline the form in order for their financial aid to be disbursed to their student accounts. Students may view and fulfill their requirements by logging into their My.Emich accounts at

During the 100% drop period, EMU does not refund for dropped courses. After the 100% drop date, if a credit appears on a student account on Monday, the refund process will begin on Wednesday; if a credit appears on a student account on Wednesday, the refund process will begin on the following Monday. The amount of time it takes a student to receive a refund depends on the refund preference. Those students having their refund deposited on the Eagle OneCard will receive it the following day. Students who have chosen to have their refund direct deposited into another bank account will receive their refund in 2-3 days. To check when a refund will be available, visit the Ebill website and select "current activity." By using the information above, students can determine when their refund will become available. Students may not advance payment for the purpose of a refund with no account balance.