Smart Coatings 2009
Topics and Abstracts

Smart Coatings- Overview
Jamil Baghdachi, Eastern Michigan University, USA

Stimuli -Reponsive Multi-Layers: From Mechanomutable Nanotubes to Living Cells with Synthetic Backpacks

Michael Rubner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Tailor-Made Polymer Surfaces for Microsystems Engineering -From Computer Hard Disks to DNA-chips
Juergen Ruehe, Laboratory for Chemistry & Physics of Interfaces, Germany

Surface Coatings for Blood Compatibility: FActs, Fictions, Fiascos and Feasibilty
Buddy Ratner, University of Washington, USA

Dual Stimuli-Responsive and Electrografted Smart Coatings
Rigoberto Advincula, University of Houston, USA

New Nanostructured Functional Materials for Coatings by ATRP with PPM Amount Copper
Krzysztof Matyiaszwski, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Polymeric Film Formation by Physical Vapor Desposition Technique
Hiroaki Usui, Tokyo University of Agricultureand Technology, Japan

Mendable Polymers and Coatings
Jamil Baghdachi, Eastern Michigan University, USA

Solution-Process Thin Films for Organic Transistors and Solar Cells
Lynn Loo, Princeton University, USA

Reactive Surfaces and Interfaces Utilizing 2-Vinyl-4,4-Dimethylalctone(DMA): An Example for "Click" Chemistry
Jamie Messman, Oakridge National Laboratory, USA

Coatings That Kill Bacteria and Viruses on Contact
Alexander Klibanov, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, USA

Functionality Oppurtunities for Hybrid Sol-Gel Coatings
Robert Akid, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Mechanically-Dynamic Polymer Nanocomposites
Christoph Weder, Case Western Reserve University, USA

Responsive Polymers for Consumer Products Applications
Clay Bunyard, Kimerly-Clark Corp., USA

Electroresponsive and Electrochemically Active
Polyelctrolyte Systems
Paula Hammond, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, USA

Nanostructured Antimicrobial Coatings via Polyurethane Having Co-Polyoxetane Soft Blocks
Kenneth Wynne, Vringia Commonwealth University, USA

Structural and Dynamic Properties Polymerized Colloidal Crytalline Arrays
Curtis Frank, Stanford University, USA

Supramolecular Polymers as Dynamic Films and Coatings
Stuart Rowan, Case Western Reserve University, USA

Towards Autonomic Surfaces: Polymer Brushes, Enzyme Immobilization and Spatial-Temporal Modulation of
Surface Properties

Richard Vaia, AFRL, USA

Hydrogen-Bonded Polyelectrolyte Multilayers: From Fundamentals
to Applications

Svetlana Sukhishvili, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

Mixed Brush as a Smart Coating the Enhances the Polyme Adsorption
Alexander Chervanyov, Leibiniz Institute of Polymer Research, Germany

Ionic Liquid and Ion-Containing Ploymers for Shape Memory and Self-Healing
Tim Long, Viriginia Tech University, USA

Smart Corrosion Coatings for Military Applications
Peter Zarras, NAVAIR-WD, USA

What's Better Than "Natural"?
John Du, BYK Inc., USA

Smart Self-Healing MAterial Systems Using Inductive and
Resistive Heating

Terrisa Duenas, NextGen Aeronautics Inc., USA

Switching Wettability USing Photocrhomatic Polymer Brushes
Jason Locklin, University of Georgia, USA

Surface Detoxification Using Electrochemical Generation of Activated Hydrogen Peroxide
Patrick Kinlen, Crosslink, USA

Concluding Remarks
Jamil Baghdachi, Eastern Michigan University, USA


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