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Sponsorship Opportunities

What is Smart Coatings Symposium?

Smart Coatings symposium is an annual international event hosted by Eastern Michigan University's Coatings Research Institute that brings together scientists and business leaders from across the globe, for 3 - days in Orlando, FL, to share and discuss the latest developments and trends in cutting-edge technologies pertaining to 'smart' materials and coatings. Ever since its inception in 2005, Smart Coatings Symposium attracts an average of 120 participants from more than 15 countries. The finest quality talks by speakers drawn from the top-notch institutions and industries makes this symposium truly outstanding.

Why sponsor?

  • Opportunity to showcase products and services and associated with a groundbreaking and innovative conference that attracts the top minds and industry leaders from around the globe.
  • Increases brand visibility and new business opportuities through networking, media coverage, and visitors to the symposium website. A list of sponsors and company links are posted on the symposium website.
  • Potential for growth in strategic partnerships, research collaborations and revenue through increased brand and company recognition as a result of symposium sponsorships.
  • Company exposure among high profile symposium attendees from around the globe. Previous year's attendees included senior industry representatives from Bayer Materials Science, Boeing, Dow Chemicals, Sherwin Williams, BYK Chemie, Evonic, U.S. Air Force and many other significant business and government entities.

Sponsorship opportunities for Smart Coatings-2009

A.) Silver Sponsor - $1000

One of the following opportunities:

  • Company logo on Proceedings CD
  • Company logo printed on bag provided with proceedings book
  • Inclusion of your company logo on Proceedings book


  • Mention of your company sponsorship before each session (5 sessions)
  • Inclusion of your company logo on sponsorship page of Smart Coatings 2009 website with a link to your company's URL
B.) Gold Sponsor - $1500

Silver benefits plus:

  • Free Registration to one attendee at the symposium (a $900 value)
C.) Platinum Sponsor - $2000

Gold benefits plus:

  • Sign mentioning "This Coffee break was sponsored by -
    " (5 opportunities available)
  • Or sign mentioning "This luncheon is partly sponsored by -
    " (10 opportunities available)

To become a sponsor, contact Dr. Vijay Mannari at:

Vijay Mannari
Coatings Research Institute
430 W. Forest Ave
Ypsilanit, MI 48197
Phone: 734.487.1235
Fax: 734.483.0085

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