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View EMU’s enrollment news through the eyes of EMU junior Kerri Musick, a Public Administration and Social Studies major from Southgate, Michigan.

The largest freshman class in our 164-year history features talented students with high GPAs and ACT scores—students like Stephanie Bardoni of Brownstown, Mich.

Stephanie BardoniStephanie Bardoni fell in love with Eastern Michigan University on her first tour of the campus.

Her TRUEMU moment came on a visit last September, when she and other honors students explored the campus. Bardoni, a 4.0 student at Woodhaven High School who edited the student newspaper, had already fielded numerous inquiries from other universities.

But the enthusiasm of EMU’s staff and students and the campus setting won her over.

“It was so personable,” she said of the tour. “They (students and EMU staff) make you want to love EMU as much as they do.”

Bardoni, 18, from Brownstown, Mich., is part of the largest incoming class of freshmen in its 164-year history.

Eastern expects more than 2,855 freshmen to begin classes at EMU this fall, which will surpass the University’s previous all-time record for freshmen. Freshman move-in day is Saturday, August 31, and classes begin Sept. 4.

In addition, the University expects to admit its largest honors freshman class ever, nearly doubling its first-year class from two years ago, and anticipates about 1,200 students in the overall honors program. Bardoni is in the Honors College, as one of 16 new Presidential Scholars at EMU. The highly competitive scholarship pays tuition and room and board.

Bardoni said she first became enthusiastic about EMU when she visited a journalism class taught by EMU professor Carol Schlagheck last year. Then the campus tour sealed her decision.

Among the highlights on the tour was a greeting from Brock Foster, already a student at Eastern. “Welcome to EMU; you’re awesome,” Bardoni recalled Foster saying when the two met by chance. They became fast friends.

Along with her fellow students, the campus made an impression on Bardoni. She noticed new academic facilities, such as the Science Complex, but also noted the distinct aura and sense of history that flows through Eastern.

“Everything’s so beautiful,” Bardoni says. “Things are new, but old at the same time. Eastern has a great, old-time college feel.”

After her tour last fall, Bardoni was encouraged to apply for the Presidential Scholarship, and was selected. She plans to major in accounting and financial management, and work as a copy editor on The Eastern Echo, the student newspaper.

Bardoni says her goal at EMU is not only to learn and make friends, but also to help others. She plans to work for non-profit organizations to help fund programs for children and low-income families.

“I think it's extremely important to make a difference in my community, and EMU makes it really easy to get involved with various service projects around the area,” she says.

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