Eastern Michigan University

Strategic Theme: Student Engagement and Success

Descriptor: Foster an environment where students have the greatest opportunity to engage in purposeful learning and involvement so that they can successfully meet and maximize their education goals.

  • Goal 1: Create and expand purposeful learning opportunities inside and outside classrooms, in the community and globally.
    • Objective 1.1: Document, review and continue to expand field experiences (internships, practicum, co-op activities), leadership trainings, academic service learning, community engagement, and other learning opportunities across the university and beyond.
    • Objective 1.2: Continue to strengthen and cultivate distinctive and compelling experiences throughundergraduate research programs and interactions with faculty.
  • Goal 2: Develop a comprehensive and systematic approach to improve services and processes that enhance student persistence and graduation.
    • Objective 2.1: Identify, design and implement seamless connections among academic/non-academic programs and services that facilitate student persistence and graduation.
    • Objective 2.2: Connect students through existing structures to resources that will support student well-being across the university (e.g., academic, social, physical, emotional, financial).
    • Objective 2.3 : Use technology to optimize the delivery of student services.
  • Goal 3: Prepare students to successfully and meaningfully interact with people from diverse backgrounds.
    • Objective 3.1: Support students in becoming actively engaged global citizens with strong cultural awareness.
    • Objective 3.2: Build a university culture in which respect, responsibility, pride and diversity are valued, encouraged and celebrated.
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We welcome your feedback and participation in the planning process - Raouf Hanna, Chair, University Strategic Planning

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