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Where can I find information about what is going on, on campus?

The event calendar on the Campus Life web page lists various events including student organization events, movies, EMU after Dark, and other special events.

View our daily schedule to see the variety of events that are held on campus.

EMU Today is your one-stop hub for everything that is happening related to EMU.

Where do I go for a campus tour?

Admissions Welcome Center
220 Student Center

Where can I park?

Park for FREE for the first 30 minutes at The Student Center in Parking lot A on the parking map (PDF).

Where can I purchase a parking pass?

Parking Department
1200 Oakwood St.

Where can I get a student ID?

Eagle Card Office
201 Pierce Hall

How can I reserve a room in The Student Center, McKenny, or the Lake House?

You can submit an inquiry form or call at 844.266.5368.
Conference & Event Services: BOOKEMU
312 Student Center

Where should I go for Academic Advising?

General Education Questions (first and second year students only)
University Advising Career Development Center
200 McKenny

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
Francine Parker Advising Center
120 Student Center

College of Business (COB) Advising Center
401 Owen

College of Education (COE) Advising
206 Porter

College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) Advising Center
214 Marshall Hall

College of Technology (COT) Advising Center
150 Sill Hall

Honors College Advising Center
Starkweather Hall, first floor

Where can I take care of billing, financial aid, and records and registration questions?

Student Business Services
201 Pierce Hall

Financial Aid Office
403 Pierce Hall

Records and Registration Office
303 Pierce Hall

Service EMU
268 Student Center

Where are the Higher One (student ID) ATMs located?

McKenny Hall, First Floor
Pierce Hall, Second Floor
The College of Business, First Floor
Pray Harrold, Second Floor
Student Center, Second Floor

Where is the Disability Resource Center?

240 Student Center

Where is the Student Conduct and Community Standards Office?

250 Student Center

Where is the Office of International Students and Scholars?

242 Student Center

Where is the Orientation and Transition Programs Office?

343 Student Center

Where is the International and Graduate Admissions Office?

244 Student Center

Where is the Campus Life Office?

345 Student Center

Where is the Office of the Ombudsman?

240 N & O Student Center

What should I do if I have lost or found an item in The Student Center?

Please see The Student Center Information Desk Attendant for Lost and Found Items.
Student Center Information Desk
Second floor Student Center

**Valuable items such as cell phones, laptops, credit cards, keys, etc. are taken to the Department of Public Safety Building daily.

Department of Public Safety
Hoyt Conference Center

When can the piano at The Student Center be played?

The piano can be used if there are no events happening in Room 204, the Grand Ballroom or the Auditorium.
Please see the Information Desk if you would like to play.
**Use of the piano is at the discretion of Student Center Employees. If you are disrespectful of the equipment or other Student Center guests, you will be asked to close the piano.

Is there a lactation room on campus?

The lactation room is located in The Student Center and is available for all students and visitors to use.
Please see The Student Center Information Desk (second floor), to sign out the key.

Where is the 24 hour computer lab?

The 24/7 computer lab is located at Halle Library.

Where can I print?

Print kiosks are located in:
  • Alexander Hall
  • Crossroads Marketplace
  • The Eateries
  • Halle Library First Floor
  • Halle Library Ground Floor
  • Mark Jefferson
  • Marshall
  • McKenny
  • Porter
  • Pray-Harrold
  • Roosevelt Hall
  • Sill Hall
  • Strong Hall
  • Student Center
There is a printing station next to Service EMU on the second floor of The Student Center.
List of printing stations

How can I get to the College of Business?

AATA Route 33 is a free campus shuttle that runs a 20-minute loop from the COB to main campus during the Fall and Winter semesters. Check out The Student Center Information Desk or Theride.org for a complete list of stops and times.

Is there a place to park without a parking pass?

  • If you are a visitor for the, feel free to park at any of the paid parking lots for a charge of $1 per hour (maximum of $8).
  • The paid parking lots include the Alexander Guest Lot, Bowen Guest Lot, McKenny Guest Lot, Pease Guest Lot, and The Student Center Guest Lot.
  • If you are a visitor overnight or for multiple days, please visit the Parking Department to purchase a visitor pass.
  • If you are a student without a parking pass, the university offers free parking and shuttle from the Rynearson (Stadium) Parking Lot on Hewitt Rd.
  • Please see The Student Center Information Desk for a list of stops and times for the Trinity Shuttle Schedule (PDF).

What is the chalking policy on campus?

Chalking Policy (PDF)
Prior to the Application of Chalk, Student Organizations must contact the Physical Plant Grounds and Custodial Department at 734.487.3684, with the following information:
  • Name of Organization
  • Contact Person’s Name
  • Contact Person’s Phone Number
  • Date of Chalk Application
  • Site(s) to be chalked
Other Requirements:
  • Chalk must be washable
  • Chalk applicable only to approved sidewalk locations and may not be applied to:
    • Walls
    • Buildings
    • Trees
  • Obscene/derogatory wording or images must not be used
  • May not be applied within ten feet of building entrances for safety (chalk residue can be slippery)
  • Organization is responsible for removal one week after application unless approved otherwise