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Marketing at The Student Center

Marketing Policies

The Student Center recognizes the need for university departments, campus organizations and student organizations to disseminate and share campus information. Marketing policies & procedures are provided to assist groups who wish to advertise and market programs in The EMU Student Center.

Posters on E-Clips

Located at the entrances with most foot traffic of a few thousand people per day, posters on E-Clips are a fantastic way to promote your campus event or program. Available for student organizations, all EMU departments, and local businesses. E-clips require a reservation, so be sure to read the policies and procedures.

E-Clips Policies & Procedures

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Digital Screens

Three TV monitors are strategically placed throughout The Student Center to advertise Student Organization events, Campus Life activities, big shows at the Convocation Center and Quick Theater, and The Student Center vendors’ news.

Digital Screens Policies & Procedures

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Reserved for the most compelling cultural, artistic, and entertainment events sponsored by EMU departments. A few spaces available throughout a school year at designated locations.

A-Frame Policies & Procedures

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newsletter ad

Newsletter Ad

The Student Center Happenings is a monthly newsletter that informs more than 3,000 subscribers about the most fun upcoming events at The Student Center. It also keeps you up to date about our dining options, new deals at the Bookstore, and the EMU Credit Union services.

Newsletter Ad Policies & Procedures

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Lobby Tables

A great chance to meet students and tell them directly about your product, event, or recruit new members to your student organization. Bring your promotional materials, giveaways, and have fun!

Lobby Table Policies & Procedures

banner ad

Ceiling Banner

Located at the heart of The Student Center, the ceiling banner is a wonderful way to promote your department or vendor. Facing the Dining area, a good quality banner will catch eyes of thousands of students every day. Contact BOOKEMU: Conference & Event Services at 734.487.4108 to reserve a space for the banner ad.

Ceiling Banner Policies & Procedures
photo wall

Photo Wall

Celebrating an important anniversary this year or excited to tell the EMU community about a big reward? EMU Departments can now book a space on the Photo Wall located on the second floor by the West Entrance. Email ematveev@emich.edu to get more details on how to market your department on our photo wall.

Photo Wall Policies & Procedures
notice board

Notice Boards

Fliers can be posted by all member of the EMU community on one of the three Notice Boards on the 1st floor of The Student Center. Choose an appropriate board for your event depending on where it takes place: at The Student Center, on campus, or in the community. All postings with an event date will be removed after the date has passed.

Notice Board Policies & Procedures


Be creative with your advertising efforts! Registered student organizations, departments, tenants, or individual students may chalk the sidewalks around The EMU Student Center for the purpose of announcing campus activities, events or meetings.

Chalking Policies & Procedures