Promoting Responsible Student Behavior in Off-Campus Programs

It is the responsibility of program directors/leaders to set the tone for how students are expected to behave in officially-sponsored off-campus programs. Good behavior is a hallmark of a program's success, and is essential to ensure a positive experience for all program participants.

Tips for Setting the Tone

  • Pre-screen applicants for prior misconduct
  • Hold an orientation session for participants and outline behavior expectations, including the program’s code of conduct. Explain how the program’s code may differ from the Student Conduct Code. Consider including Student Conduct and Community Standards in the presentation
  • Advise students that serious misconduct may result in the student being sent home at their own expense
  • Obtain a written acknowledgment from the student affirming receipt of the above information

Important Note

Your program’s discipline process should call for:

  1. Immediate communication with EMU
  2. Evidence gathering
  3. A provision outlining case adjudication including: informal disposition, on-site hearing and/or adjudication upon return to campus

Contact Student Conduct and Community Standards for more information on creating a program discipline process.


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