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About Us

  • Student Government is a representative body of all students on campus at EMU. We were established to secure a powerful and focused voice to the administration regarding student concerns
  • Student Government is one unified body of dedicated students who work together through meetings and committees to better serve the University
  • Part of Student Government is the Executive Board consisting of the Student Body President and Vice President, and the Directors who act as chairpersons of their respective committees and oversee Student Government initiatives
  • The bulk of the make-up of Student Government is the EMU Student Senate. The Senate consists of 30 individuals who work through committees and resolutions to make the students' voice heard in the larger community.

We Encourage You To Get Involved

  • There are many ways you can get involved with EMU Student Government. The most basic is to attend any committee meeting. These meetings are held bi-weekly and are open to all students. Also, you can run for a position, such as that of a Senator. Click on the Get Involved Tab for other ways to be a part of EMU student government.
  • Being a part of Student Government will enhance your education and give you a new perspective of our community here at EMU. Student Government provides a network where you can make many beneficial relationships and learn a lot about the University and the processes that run it.

We Provide Funding

Student Government funds many things on campus including but not limited to:

  • An assortment of student organization events or programming
  • Rec-IM extended late night hours
  • Halle Library extended hours
  • Homecoming
  • Green Books for Students
  • Free Legal Services!!
  • The Student Organization Center and staff (SOC)
  • The Women’s Resource Center
  • REACT (Off-Campus Housing services and advice)
  • Free STD Testing at Snow Health Center
  • The Academic Survival Guide
  • Undergraduate Symposium
  • The Student Government Leadership Scholarship
  • CloseUp Troop
  • and other inner Student Government affairs

Student Government receives its budget from a portion from the General Fund fee (Approved by the Board of Regents) that students pay.

We Produce Positive Change

Student Government generally works through resolutions that are passed through the Senate and presented to the appropriate authority (such as the Board of Regents) as a means of taking a student stance on an issue.

  • Also, investigative and constructive work is done through the committee structure within Student Government. For example, in the ‘05-’06 Senate year, the Political Action Committee worked on creating a grass-roots campaign to pressure the Michigan legislature to approve appropriations for renovations to the Pray-Harrold building. 

Further examples of some of the concrete things that Student Government has played a major role in bringing to EMU’s campus include

  • Halle Library
  • The New Student Center
  • The College of Education
  • Pray-Harrold
  • and “GO GREEN” bracelets.

EMU Student Government is part of EMU Student Services, 342 EMU Student Center, 734.487.1470

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