Eastern Michigan University
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Current Positions

Check out the list below to see who holds our current positions!



President and Vice President

Desmond Miller, Student Body President

Steven Cole, Student Body Vice President


Executive Board

Brittany Cagle, Director of Services and Events

Kiera Fegan, Speaker of the Senate

Natalie Kittikul, Director of Graphic Arts

David Konarske, Judicial Sergeant

Anjali Martin, Director of Media Relations

Adam Reid, Chief of Staff

Kalandria Robinson, Director of Academic and Student Affairs                                       

Even Schrauben, Director of Business and Finance

Eden Zimak, Director of Social Justice



Ahmed Abuzoor              Carl Matherly                       Nate Pyle
Ilkhomjon Amanov           John McAllister                    Maya Rich
Conner Britt                     William McDonald                Justin Snyder
Kiera Fegan                     Evan Milan                          Joshua Starr
Trevis Harrold                  Brianna Moore                    Quaid Stouder
Fatma Jaber                    Joseph Pernicano               Ally Way


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Perry Francis 

EMU Student Government is part of EMU Student Services, 342 EMU Student Center, 734.487.1470

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