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History of Student Government

EMU Student Government has been the loudest voice for shared governance between the University and the Student Body; and has withstood the test of time to become leaders in representing the Student Body.  Take a look below for a little bit of history to see how Student Government was started and how we have evolved with time!


- President McKenny creates Student Council to represent the Student Body to the University Admin

o Combination of Student Organization Presidents and Student Body President o Desired to advise the President on the will of the Students

- Committees become University Departments/Divisions

o Campus programming

o Yearbook and Other Publications

o Student Concerns


- Student Judicial Services is Added

o Publically elected Justices

- Executive Board officially headed by Student Body President

- Student Council officially headed by Student Body Vice President


- Student Government Constitution is changed

o Original Constitution has been lost, along with the first Bill of Rights

- Student Council becomes Student Senate

- Vice President title amended to President of the Senate

o Student Senate is the oldest and most active student representative body on campus


- Federal model of Governing adopted

o Two legislative bodies

• Student Senate

• House of Representatives

• Student Organization Leaders

- Independent Executive and Judicial Branches Formed

- Student Body Constitution rewritten into present form


What Else Has Student Government Done?

- Secured Buildings on Campus

o McKenny Hall

o Halle Library

o EMU Student Center

- Helped to make the University more transparent by

o Lobbying efforts, Speaking out, Protesting, and Rioted

- Offer Services to the Student Body

o STI Testing

o College Readership

o Scholarships

EMU Student Government is part of EMU Student Services, 342 EMU Student Center, 734.487.1470

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