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Thank you for your interest on wanting to become a Senator.  Working with the campus community and improving your university can be a very rewarding experience.  Part of being a Student Senator involves being a constant representative of Student Government.  Your actions on campus, as well as on-line reflect back on you as a Senator and in turn, on Student Government itself.  In order to make sure you are fulfilling your role as a Student Government Senator, there are a few things that are required of you.

The primary way for you to keep in touch with your fellow Senators, as well as Student Government leadership, is for you to attend the regular meetings.  Attendence is required at Committee meetings and Senate meetings.   Both of these meetings are crucial for keeping on top of your duties in the Senate, so attendance is mandatory.  Each week there will be either a Senate or Committee meeting.  The times for these will have already been set by the start of the school year.  You are allowed no more than three (3) cumulative absences, so keep this is mind if you make plans for a Tuesday night.  In addition to missing a meeting, your attendance can be affected by being late, leaving early, or not coming to the meeting in proper attire.

As a Senator, you will find yourself placed on one of four committees: Business and Finance, Student Relations, Political Action, or Internal Affairs.  These committees provide a starting point for you to explore different areas of campus engagement, as well as to work with others in your committee to plan events, make rules, or provide money to student orgs.  The committees are headed by a Director. This person can be a wealth of knowledge about different aspects of Student Government, and they are happy to help you when you are in need of direction.  In your committee you are expected to attend the meetings, as well as become a project chair.  This means you will have a project that you spearhead and see through until completion, and then report on it during a regular Senate meeting.

Besides the meetings that Senators attend, you will also have to branch out and complete Campus Engagement.  Campus Engagement includes attending University Committees, going to College Advisory Boards, attending Student Org meetings, helping at Student Government events, or attending the Board of Regents meetings.   Please keep in mind that you are a representative of the Students, as well as Student Government,  when attending these events. Please dress and act appropriately.  Campus Engagement is a central component of being a Senator.  Use your Campus Engagement to spread information about Student Government, learn concerns that are being encountered, participate in shared campus governance, and make a difference!

Last, but definitely not least, all Senators are required to hold a minimum of two (2) office hours per week.  Office hours entail being in the Student Government suite, being available to help students, staff, faculty, or other visitors that stop in, answering phones, or working on Student Government projects.  Your office hours are a great way to familiarize yourself with the  suite. Student Government officers that frequent it,  as well as other Student Orgs that we work closely with in the CSI.

Go to the Get Involved page for an application and applying instructions.

EMU Student Government is part of EMU Student Services, 342 EMU Student Center, 734.487.1470

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