Eastern Michigan University
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The Student Senate is the oldest student representative body and the second oldest deliberative body on Eastern Michigan University.  Student Senate was founded in 1913 by University President McKenny, under the guise of the Student Council.  Throughout the years has grown to become the most active and respected student representation at Eastern Michigan University.  The Student Senate is the central part of Student Government, holding all its legislative power.  It is the only body in Student Government that can speak on behalf of the whole organization.

A Student Senator acts as a representative of the Student Body through faithful service as a voting member of the Student Senate.  Senators must put aside the pursuit of personal gain to promote and defend the rights and interests of the entire Student Body.  Senators try to fulfill the mission and purposes of Student Government by volunteering within a Standing Committee (see Committees tab) and actively engaging the university to ensure Students First.


Current Senators

Aimee Frey

Alyssa Thornton

Amir Khalid

Brett Foster

Cedric Towns

David Konarske Jr

Derek Miceli

Fatma Jaber

Ilkhomjon Amanov

Jaborius Ball

Jamil Khalid

Jared Jeffries

Kellie Majcher

Keven Somerville

Kiera Fegan

Kody Vitale

Luis Fabian

Marc Monahan

Marcus McCray

Maya Rich

Mcquail Ross

Tiffany Ozog

Trevis Harrold

EMU Student Government is part of EMU Student Services, 342 EMU Student Center, 734.487.1470