Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University

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President Desmond Miller w/ former Secretary Rodney Slater

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Vice President Monea swearing in Senator Ross

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Student Government members at a Senate meeting

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2014-2015 Executive Board

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See below for Student Body President Cole's reaction to rumors of a 7.8% tuition increase:

From my understanding, this decision would come as a result of decreased funding from the state.  While we understand the regents are tasked with financial responsibilty for Eastern, we would hope that they would consult with the university community before implementing these types of policy changes.  We would like to remind the regents that many of our students come to EMU because of its unique affordability and financial aid packaes.  We would strongly urge the Regents not to take this step. 


Welcome to Student Government! 

Who: Dedicated students who want to serve our EMU community.  Student Government is comprised of the Executive board, the Student Senate, and a number of committees.

What: Anything!  Have a parking issue? Maybe a safety concern?  Regardless, we want to hear about what you want to see on campus.

Where: Stop by and see us at the Student Government Main Office on the 3rd floor of the Student Center or check out our meeting schedule to see us in action.

When: All the time!  We loving hearing from you about what you'd like to see at EMU

How: Student Government committees vote on resolutions, provide funds to a variety of organizations (including student organization events, Homecoming, and the Undergraduate Symposium), and work to address the things you care most about on campus. 


EMU Student Government is part of EMU Student Services, 342 EMU Student Center, 734.487.1470

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