Words About James           

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closing years
moving fr. Realism
to Symbolism

the echo of opera

Chapter One

In the course of their sounds the October afternoon. The idea
any contact between them in the past. A view of Weatherend
itself. The authorship of the sketches? More imagination to her
than to all the others put together. There on a brief visit
her guessing more or less part of the establishment.
Rome or maybe Naples. Distinctly handsome, the impression,
operating like the torch of a lamplighter who touches
into flame. It hadn't been Rome at all. Her at twenty-five,
he at the Palace of Caesars. They as a linger acquainted.
This, a life determined. And the accepted ammendations.
Or "it would have been nice." The present so much
of the other.


at his death
a vast body

of letters
easily adaptable

stage 'n screen

oeuvre, the
root of work

               everyone in his seat his home       I had a taste for classification      ideally

                      All those with the sametaste for illness           settlement             a passing selection