To Calvary
Ernest Hilbert

For that matter all the earth fly-shit and spat teeth
Pages from a vampire comic book

Roar 'no more drunkards telling
Of sunken warships' and

'No more pissing silverware
Into the blue inferno of lenses'

Which is: A declivity and
Stuffed violently into a broken white piano

Which is: An icy relapse, fluorescence and
Implosion, softening of landscape

Barking at us nightmares of conquest in
Slackening bones of rain and creation

Thorny satellites hatching
In silver plunge of light

Ebb of nova and mammal crotch
Beneath decrepit crackling of

Slave oars snapped on rock
Fever and sinking greenhouse

Virulent afterglow reflection
Lacerated sails urging a storm

Make the sun clatter into
Smudge of factoried darkness

Loam and stain of swallowed phosphorous
Brutal mercury shower in

Severed bloodstream
Strangulated with halos and

Branches of stars
Garroted with beauty

Mirage and mistake
Toppled enlightenment

Cocaine and pornography
Stamped cigarettes

Worship the fissured glass
Vault and rush of metal

As it kills and kills
Itches where there is no reach