James Wagner


††††††††††† Ken claimsthe sunís no sun†† touching!

Comes the last husbands pushing out at, sea affronted

the dosing dose as sun severs.


††††††††††† Cut hiseyes out brutal.As woman

letís go own his ire,

for I sing†††††† trespass†††† lose eternally

tracing endís though, so send hergradients, as woman

you exploring and balding, donítthey embarrass manners

occulted heíll otherwise point††††† key the night

enter veracities you liturgicallypromise.


††††††††††† Vulvaslaugh†† on terror††††† probably

last dusk part of us can knock andstand as occupants

one miserable poinsettia and onemiserable tea and pour.

Laugh on terror, the ambulant††††††† baiting, canít see

immutable, equal, solo

my cellar a card of horses on high.


††††††††††† Whitelocals sing for their certain negation,

white local tenements†† can tar water,

milk†† nose pieces.

Can you enter†††she†† a city encodes

quelling again†† house tall and spoken.