James Wagner



To thoselost days emancipated and singing

a trouble jar for a fever; yourtomorrow will descend on her,

since properly negated, today痴last man and no.

Since cutting she値l look right out, o massive uncle,

I値l go and bring a dull support

o yes solo horizon you cameviolently, lamenting

has the dandy asked to lament.


He値l needno crocheting a heated unhappiness

oh help us,

until he値l bizarrely losefathers they know part of thejar knows

the arrangement the sweet sighing notes they love and eat mud though;

and tell us locals, come on sun,the aunty love

she comprehends has the creak a door

he knows quizzing her has thatcertainly they know.


Flecks ofthe invisible trauma,

dent us cue erroneous dusty lane you try emotion,


liberty they base your coronary on,

in the grand bouquet hot potatohe値l lob ya.


Phosphorousyou fast-forward and laugh obscurely,

they値l grimly yellgriming the pulverized.