Sarah Higley

Sarah Higley is an AssociateProfessor of English at the University of  Rochester, NY,

where she has experienced the exuberant contagions of several
disciplines.  She has published on Old English and Medieval Welsh poetry,
Middle English poetry, film and television studies, science fiction studies
and cultural studies.  Her books include Between Languages: The
Text in Early Welsh
and Old English Nature Poetry (Penn State
Press, 1993), and a volume of essays co-edited with Jeffrey Andrew
Weinstock: Nothing That Is: Millennial Cinema and the Blair Witch
(Wayne State, 2004).  Her fiction has appeared on television,
and in Fantasy and Science Fiction and Terra Incognita.  She is
currently writing a book on Invented Languages, and developing other digital
forms of story-telling.  Her hobbies include painting, drawing, and musical