Talking Cure works with the story of Anna O, the patient of Joseph Breuer's who gave to him and Freud the concept of the "talking cure" as well as the word pictures to substantiate it. The text is composed in three layers. One of these layers is excerpts from Breuer's case study of Anna O. Another layer of text consists of the words "to torment" repeated - one of the few direct quotations attributed to Anna in the case study. The third layer of text reworks Anna's snake hallucinations through the story of the Gorgon Medusa. The text read aloud cycles through these three layers, while a different mixture of the three layers is produced by live video processing of an image of the reader. This "word picture" display is formed by reducing the live image to three colors, and then using these colors to determine a letter-by-letter mixture between the three color-coded layers of text.

Noah would like to thank Camille Utterback, his collaborator on the overall project, as well as his collaborators on the installation version, Clilly Castiglia and Nathan Wardrip-Fruin. Robert Lecusay helped to make this recorded performance.

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