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Applicant/Student Info

  • Basic Student Info- View a student's contact information, holds, status, and class schedule.
  • Admissions Basics - Locate and view an applicant's Admissions records.
  • Academic History- View class rosters, class schedules and unofficial transcripts in my.emich.

Course/Section Info

  • Entering Course Schedules - Reference material for entering course schedules in Banner.
  • Resource 25 - Manage room schedules.

Manage Your Budget

  • Budget Queries - Access live budget data via My.Emich.
  • Requisitions - Create and approve purchasing requisitions. Only for participating departments.

Admin (ERP) Systems

  • INB (Banner) - Banner forms for power users.
  • BOE Reporting - Section enrollment data, lists of Majors, and much more.
  • Self Services - Register, view academic records, submit grades, report time, and much more.
Privacy Notice: If you are an Eastern Michigan University employee you may be provided access to financial, personnel, student, and donor data necessary to perform your job. This information is never to be used for personal use or shared with anyone whose official job duties do not require use of that data. Refer to I.T. Security Policies for updated information on the University's current security policies.
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