INB (Banner) Overview

In addition to offering Basic Student Information and Entering Course Schedules, the Division of IT has partnered with Records and Registration and Admissions to offer two back office employee only INB (Banner) workshops. These workshops present the tools and techniques necessary to determine if an applicant has met the program admission requirements and to assist students with the registration processes.

Security Access

Admissions requires attendance in the Banner Admissions Basics workshop prior to granting security access to view admissions information in Banner.

Target Audience

EMU Back office employees tasked with viewing admission or academic records using INB (Banner).

Note: We no longer offer regular training sessions on how view admission or academic records in INB (Banner), since there are easier and better ways to access this type of information. Send us an email message ( if you are interested in scheduling a Banner Admissions Basics or Viewing Academic History in Banner training sessions.

Viewing Academic History in Banner (2 Hour Workshop)- Using instructor demonstrations and hands-on activities, learners will have the opportunity to view academic history and course schedule information, review student registration activity (optional), and authorize a student to register for classes (optional) that require permissions or overrides via INB (Banner). Pre-requisite: Basic Student Information


Privacy Notice: If you are an Eastern Michigan University employee you may be provided access to financial, personnel, student, and donor data necessary to perform your job. This information is never to be used for personal use or shared with anyone whose official job duties do not require use of that data. Refer to I.T. Security Policies for updated information on the University's current security policies.