Email a Class List

From the Courses Homepage in the My Courses channel instructors and students can send an email to an entire class or to selected students registered in the class.

Follow these directions to navigate to send an email message from My Courses:

  1. Navigate to the Course Homepage.See My Courses Overview for more information.
  2. From the Course Tools section, click the E-mail link.
    Email a Class List
  3. The E-mail Members page is displayed. To email all students, click the Member Name checkbox.
    Note: To send email to one or more students, click the box to the left of their name(s).
  4. Click Send E-mail button.

    Note: This is confusing because you haven't composed a message yet. You will have an opportunity to compose an email message on the next page.
    Email a Class List
  5. The Compose E-mail page is displayed.

    Note: For security reasons, the names you selected will not appear in the To field. If you want to retain a copy of the message for your own records, type your email address in the Cc: or Bcc: fields
  6. Type a short message description in the Enter Subject: field.
  7. Type your message in the Enter Message text area.
    Email a Class List
  8. When you are finished, click the Send button.
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