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TRTI Survey

Instructions: Please use the following codes to indicate (in each box) the degree of relevancy of the training courses proposed below:

1 = Very Relevant
2 = Somewhat Relevant
3 = Not Relevant

Your Name:
New Ideas in Management and Supervision
This course describes the new cutting edge management concepts of Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. It will describe how they impact effective organizational change and worker performance.
Process Reengineering and Lean Production
This course will describe how to develop a lean and agile work system through analyzing and redesigning critical work processes.
How to Develop an Effective and Legal Performance Evaluation System
This course will illustrate the steps in creating a performance appraisal system that is objective, legal, and useful in terms of correcting and enhancing worker performance.
Technology Management within the Textile Industry
This course will describe the principles of technology management. Technology Management consisting of such things as:
  • Assessment of the technology's capabilities relevant to enhancing the organization's competitive position
  • Developing a strategy for new technology selection and implementation
  • Assessment of internal work structure and processes in terms of requisite changes needed for effective technology deployment
  • Assessment of human resource capabilities and training requirements
  • Utilizing project management skills for new technology implementation
Principles of Team Based Management
This course will describe how to use team based management structures to:
  • Enhance innovation
  • Reduce cycle times
  • To increase organizational and work unit flexibility
  • To enhance customer servicing
  • To enhance product quality
Principles of Effective Supervision and Management
This is a general course on supervision that will focus on such things as how to:
  • Increase worker motivation and performance
  • Communicate effectively with employees
  • Resolve interpersonal and interdepartmental conflict
  Which training format would best fit your needs?
  One day workshop Two day workshop
  Please list other managerial training topics you would like to see that are not listed:
  Are you interested in having the Research and Training Institute conduct an in-house managerial workshop at your company?
  Yes No Maybe
  The Research and Training Institute can custom design an employee feedback survey for your company at very competitive rates. Is this something that you would want to discuss with an Institute representative?
  Yes No Maybe

Please review your responses before submitting survey.









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