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CloseUP Theatre Troupe


Our Mission is to use theatre as a vehicle for exploring relevant health and social issues and informing audiences about the resources available to address them. Such theatre is intended to catalyze dialogue, questioning, reflection, and productive life choices.

CloseUP Theatre Troupe was founded in the Spring of 1997 as a university-wide collaborative creation. CloseUP Theatre Troupe's main mission is to explore health and social issues relevant to student life through theatre and follow-up dialogue. On and off campus resource information is provided to all audience members who attend CloseUP performances. CloseUP presents both information and ideas to audience member in a theatre skit format that embraces humor, satire, realism, music, dance, and poetry. CloseUP is simultaneously performing and servicing the student body. Though educational, CloseUP does not preach or moralize social issues. Instead, scenes and performances are open-ended in order to encourage questioning and dialogue among audience members.

Auditions for the CloseUP Theatre Troupe are held twice a year; once in early Fall and in late Spring. You do not have to be a theatre major or have a performance background to be a member of CloseUP. The troupe is an ensemble and you must be able to attend all rehearsals and work as part of a team. Please contact The Wellness Center for more information.



Fall 2015 Troupe:


Janelle Osinski

Ben Slaughterbeck

Drew Scotton

Adrienne Walling

Tyneisha Sharai

Princess Logan

Hiroki Tanabe

Kaitie Boatwright

James Freeman

Christopher Crawford

Jevon Armstrong

Simone Tisdev

Desmine Robinson

Kavonna T. Smith

*Kemani Godwin




Britney Winn - Director

Kathy Walz - Assistant Director


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