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University Advising and Career Development Center

College Liaisons

The University Advising & Career Development Center is organized into colleges to provide support to our colleges and wrap-around services to our students.  Our staff works together to provide targeted, specialized college outreach to students, faculty and departments with personalized academic focus to freshmen and sophomores and personalized career focus to juniors and seniors.


University Advising & Career Development Center

College   Career Coaches     Corporate Relations Managers
Arts & Sciences  

April Calkovsky and

Ken Meyer

Mary Jane Fallot
Business   Barb Gehring John Bundridge
Education   April Calkovsky Barbara Jones
Health & Human Services  

Lorraine McKnight

Ebony Jones
Technology   Lorraine McKnight Ebony Jones

April Calkovsky,

Lorraine McKnight,
Ken Meyer

N/A - please see Career Coach


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