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I'm a New Freshman

Follow these steps to get enrolled for your first semester at EMU:

  1. Apply to EMU
  2. Receive admission decision letter
  3. Sign up for Freshman Orientation — Fast Track
I'm a New Transfer Student

Follow these steps to get enrolled for your first semester at EMU:

  1. Apply to EMU
  2. Receive admission decision letter
  3. Sign up for Transfer in a Day (TID) Orientation 
    1. If you cannot make a TID session, you should meet with an advisor that specializes in your declared major, find your advisor here!
    2. If you're currently enrolled in classes at another institution, please bring an unofficial copy of your transcript to assist in the advising process. Students who are following the MACRAO or Michigan Transfer Agreement and/or an Articulation Agreement should also bring that information to their advising session.
I'm a Currently Enrolled EMU Student

We're happy to meet with you! Are you seeking advising related to:

  1. Verifying General Education Requirements?
    1. Academic Advisors in the UACDC or College (major/minor) Advisors can help you! 
    2. Locate your College Advisor here!
    3. To schedule an appointment with a UACDC Advisor, call 734.487.0400.
  2. Deciding on a Major?
    1. Have you met with a Career Coach? Career Coaches can help you understand how your personality, likes/dislikes, and even stregnths/weaknesses can guide you toward declaring a major. 
    2. To schedule an appointment with a Career Coach, call 734.487.0400.
  3. Understanding Major/Minor Requirements?
    1. Faculty/College Advisors are the authorities on major/minor requirements, so be sure to seek them out for advising each semester
    2. Locate your major/minor advisor here!!!!
I'm a Second Bachelor's Student
  1. Apply to EMU
  2. Receive admission decision letter
    1. If steps 1 and 2 above have been completed, you're ready to meet with an Academic Advisor to set-up your program of study! Call 734.487.5497 to schedule an appointment!
    2. For additional information regarding Second Bachelor's programs, please choose this option from our menu on the left.
I'm a Dual-Enrolled High School Student (considering or current)
  1. Apply to EMU
  2. Receive admission decision letter
    1. Check out additional information regarding dual enrollment
    2. If steps 1 and 2 above have been completed, congratulations! Your next step is to schedule an advising appointment by calling 734.487.3129.
I'm Interested in Returning to EMU
Which situation best describes you?
  • Returning after stopping out for 2 or more years and you were in "good academic standing."

Review EMU's procedures for re-enrollment

  • Returning after being academically dismissed from EMU

Review EMU's procedures for readmission

  • Returning after being away from EMU less than 2 years and you were in "good academic standing."

You are still considered an "active" student! Please see the "Currently Enrolled EMU Student" section above for advising options.

I'm Interested in Transferring to Another Institution
If you’re thinking of transferring to another college or university, it’s important to understand the transfer process and to plan ahead.
    1. Step One: Talk with Your EMU Academic Advisor
      • Your advisor won’t be mad at you for admitting you’re interested in transferring! He/she can help you confirm whether EMU is the best place for you, given your academic and professional goals. You may find out you don’t need to transfer after all!
    2. Step Two: Contact an Admissions Representative at Desired College or University
      • If you have a specific program in mind, ask an admissions representative at the other college or university for information about how to transfer into that program. Admission requirements for transfer students may be different from those for students who entered the program as freshmen. Find out how credit you’ve earned (and any credit in progress) at EMU will transfer. Keep in mind that EMU doesn’t determine whether or how EMU credit transfers to another institution.
If you still want to transfer at this point, then…
  1. Step Three: Apply For Admission to Desired College or University
    • As part of the transfer admission process your desired college or university will require you to submit your official EMU transcript for review. To request that your official EMU transcript be sent to another institution, complete this form and drop it off at a Service EMU counter or complete the request via your student portal on my.emich.edu.
    • EMU won’t mail your official transcript if you owe a balance with the University. Also, you’ll need the exact address to which your EMU transcript must be mailed. If you’re planning to receive financial aid at the other institution, be sure to contact that institution’s financial aid office for instructions.
      Whether you earn your degree at EMU or elsewhere, we hope you find this information helpful and we wish you every success!
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