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Individualized Studies Program

The Individualized Studies Program (ISP) is designed to assist undergraduates whose educational and/or career goals can’t be satisfied by existing programs of study.

ISP fulfills major and minor requirements for graduation. However, a student pursuing ISP must still meet all other University requirements for graduation, including general education, Writing Intensive, credit hour, and residency requirements.

Each ISP student works with a Coordinator of Individualized Studies to create his/her program. For a student’s program to satisfy University requirements, it must consist of 60-63 credit hours of coursework. In addition:

  1. Coursework in an ISP must be organized into three distinct, clearly defined areas of concentration, with at least 20 credits per area. A concentration may include courses from one or several departments, provided the courses are consistent with the concentration’s focus.
  2. Coursework must include at least 15 hours of 300/400 level courses taken at EMU. Ideally, this coursework is distributed equally over the three concentrations. Graduate level courses may be used to satisfy this requirement, subject to Graduate School approval. ESLN courses may not be used to fulfill this requirement.
  3. If a draft ISP includes courses with enrollment restricted by academic departments or colleges, department or college approval may be necessary. Courses must be excluded from a program if a student does not receive permission to take them.

If you think you’d like to pursue an ISP, you should meet with a Coordinator of Individualized Studies in the University Advising and Career Development Center (200 McKenny Hall). Download the Individual Studies Information form and the Individualized Studies Proposal form (pdf).

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