Eastern Michigan University

University Advising and Career Development Center

Meet with an academic advisor

Prepare for an appointment

  1. Read the "Academic Policies" link of the current on-line undergraduate catalog.
  2. Read the EMU Student Guide
  3. View the requirements for the General Education Program

Basic Student Responsibilities

  • Treat your appointment as a professional engagement.
  • Arrive on time, with your cell phones and beepers turned off.
  • Use appropriate and professional language.
  • Come prepared with all of your advising documents.
  • Keep track of the advisors with whom you meet and speak. Take clear notes about what you discuss and any actions that you will need to do.
  • Be prepared to speak for yourself as we meet individually with you.
  • Ask when would be a good time to seek your next advising appointment. It is your responsibility to stay connected with your program requirements and your advisor.
  • Plan ahead!

Items to bring

Your Advising Folder: Maintain a folder with all of your academic records and bring your folder with you to every advising appointment. Documents to keep readily available in your folder:

  • Initial advising agreements from your first advising session upon entering the University.
  • Any math and/or foreign language placement results (if applicable).
  • A recent printed copy of your academic records from you my.emich account.
  • A copy of any substitution/equivalency forms (if applicable), including transfer guides.
  • All notes from previous advising appointments.
Information on your catalog:
  • you can access the undergraduate catalog online at: catalog.emich.edu,
  • print off materials from your intended major/minor.
Your schedule book (if available).
  • You can access the schedule book online.
  • You also can access the "real-time" schedule book from your my.emich account
    • log in to your my.emich account at my.emich.edu
    • click on the tab that says "Student"
    • scroll down and click on "Student Services and Financial Aid"
    • click on "Registration"
  • click on "Look-up Classes"
A list of questions for your advisor, such as:
  • Is there a second admissions requirement for my major?
  • What sequence of courses should I take?
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