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Second Bachelor Degree Program

Students who wish to obtain a second bachelor's degree should apply as a second bachelor candidate through the Office of Admissions, www.emich.edu/admissions (choose Admission Application, Post-Bachelor Student, Second Bachelor). The office requires an application, a non-refundable application fee and official transcripts from each college, university or other post-secondary school attended.


  • Must have an undergraduate 4-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Must have a combined 2.0 undergraduate GPA from all institutions attended

After the admission process is complete, the prospective candidate must make an appointment with the advisor for second bachelor degree program in the University Advising & Career Development Center, 200 McKenny Hall (734.487.5497) for evaluation of transcripts and development of a program of study.

Graduation requirements

  • Must develop a Program of study with faculty and advisor approval
    • Must include requirements for a major and minor (or a major that does not require a minor) based on EMU catalog requirements
    • Major and minor must be different from what was awarded on first degree
    • Students who earned a BBA in their first degree may not earn a BBA through a second bachelor’s degree (may earn a second major if BBA was earned at EMU)
  • Must earn a minimum of 30 EMU credits post-first degree
    • Coursework from prior degree credit may not be used to satisfy requirements of second degree if grade earned was < “C”
  • Must earn a minimum of a 2.0 GPA in the major, minor and overall
  • Must contain a minimum of 15 credits of 300-level (or above) EMU coursework
  • Must include at least one writing intensive course residency
  • Must complete at least 9 hours of the major and 6 hours of the minor at EMU (15 hours for a major which does not require a minor)
  • Program may not include professional education courses
  • Completion of general education program is not required
Programs Not Available Through Second Bachelor's:
  • Occupational Therapy & Special Education majors apply through Graduate Admissions in 401 Pierce Hall, 734.487.3060, or by e-mail.
  • Teacher Certification with a first degree GPA of 2.5 or better must contact Provisional Certification in the College of Education, Office of Academic Services, 206 Porter, 734.487.0275.
  • Non-Degree status – Only taking a few courses. Those interested in this form of study should contact, Graduate Admission in 401 Pierce Hall, 734.487.3060, or by e-mail.
  • Second Endorsements
  • Individualized Studies Program (ISP)
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