Eastern Michigan University

University Advising and Career Development Center

Why can't I register?

  1. You were admitted or re-enrolled for a term, but did not register and need to update your admission.
  2. You have been academically dismissed and need to be readmitted.
  3. You are trying to register before your appointment time.
  4. You have an academic or financial hold.
  5. You are a new undergraduate or second bachelor’s student and have not contacted the University Advising & Career Development Center
  6. All new students need to meet with an Academic Advisor in their program of study prior to registering for their first semester at EMU. To determine which advising office to contact, see here.
  7. You have not registered for eight or more consecutive terms and need to re-enroll.


How do I determine my class level?

Exactly when you become a sophomore, junior, etc. can be confusing but can be important to know when determining registration and course opportunities.  Credits are determined by the units of work completed. One credit hour is the credit granted in a course that meets 50 minutes per week for 15 weeks. Credits earned on the term or quarter-hours basis at other institutions are converted to EMU credit hours by multiplying by two-thirds.

Class levels are determined by the academic hours completed as follows:

Class Semester Hours
Freshman 0-24
Sophomore 25-55
Junior 56-84
Senior 85 or over
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