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What options are there if I cannot complete a class?

If you have attended the majority of the course and have earned a C or better in work completed, you may qualify for an incomplete grade. An incomplete grade is, however, up to the instructor, so please discuss the situation with the instructor right away. Providing documentation supporting your reasons for an incomplete grade request may be helpful. Be sure to verify what course work is needed and the date by which you are expected to complete the assignment(s) and test(s) in order to earn a final grade for the course.

You may withdraw from individual classes using your my.emich account. This option, known as individual class withdrawal, is only available through the first two thirds of the term; after that, you can only withdraw if you meet the conditions for administrative withdrawals (consult the term Class Schedule book for exact dates). "First-term freshmen" must meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising Center before withdrawing from a course.

Administrative withdrawals may be considered if you have significant extenuating circumstances (not grade-related) that developed subsequent to the end of the individual withdrawal period. Conditions and procedures are available through the Academic Advising Center, 301 Pierce Hall.

If you cannot complete any of your classes due to special circumstances, you may do a total term withdrawal until the last day before the final examination period (consult the term Class Schedule book for exact dates). Total term withdrawals do not affect future term enrollment. Total term withdrawals must be done through the Office of Records and Registration (they cannot be done using the my.emich account). Forms can be found in the Class Schedule book or through the Office of Records and Registration, 303 Pierce Hall.

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