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The difference between withdrawing and dropping a class

Individual withdrawal

After the 100% drop deadline, there is a period for individual withdrawal from classes. Withdrawal results in a "W" on your academic record. Individual course withdrawal will produce no tuition credit or refund. Students may withdraw from individual classes by accessing the Registration menu from their my.emich account (note: first term freshmen must meet with an academic advisor in order to withdraw from a class).

Students who have a financial or other hold that prevents registration may withdraw in person at the Office of Records and Registration Service Counter, 303 Pierce Hall, or by calling the Registration office 734.487.2300. Automatic withdrawal is permitted through two-thirds of the semester/subterm. See calendars at Records & Registration website, for specific deadlines.

Late Withdrawal

Undergraduate students may petition for a late withdrawal by following these instructions and submitting the Undergraduate Late Withdrawal form to 303 Pierce Hall (Records & Registration).

Graduate students seeking a late withdrawal should see the Graduate School's web site. The withdrawal form and procedures are explained in the Student Services section called "What Do I Do Next".

Complete Cancellation of all your classes for the semester

If you decide not to attend a semester for which you have registered, you must cancel your entire class schedule or be subject to financial and/or academic penalties. If you neglect to notify the Office of Records and Registration, the University has no way to know that you do not plan to attend and will continue to reserve your space in the class. Non-attendance and non-payment of bills will not result in any class being dropped.

You may cancel all classes by doing one of the following:

  • Come in person to the Office of Records and Registration Service Counter, 303 Pierce Hall; or
  • Mail or fax the cancellation form or a letter, including your student number, term, year, and main reason for withdrawal, to the Office of Records and Registration, 303 Pierce Hall, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. fax:734.487.6808. *Certified mail recommended
  • Call Registration @ 734.487.2300

Through the 100% deadline, a total withdrawal will result in a refund of 100% of tuition and *fees. Through the 50% deadline, total withdrawal will result in a 50% refund of tuition and *fees and "W" grades. Through the 25% deadline, total withdrawal will result in a 25% refund of tuition and *fees and "W" grades.

*Excludes the non-refundable registration fee

Dropping a Class

Within the 100% drop period, you can drop a class from your schedule at any time. Dropping a class removes it from your class schedule without any notation on your permanent record. Should you need to drop your last remaining class, however, you will need to contact Records and Registration for assistance; you cannot drop your last class via the Web. Once the 100% drop period has ended, you can no longer drop a class from your schedule; instead, you must withdraw. Although withdrawing removes you from the class, it is recorded as a 'W' grade on your permanent record.

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