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The Affordable Care Act


The Affordable Care Act, also referred to as Obama Care, can be confusing to understand and navigate. We have provided information on the EMU Student Policy, as well as, resource to other helpful site. We encourage all students to take the time to review their options so that they can find a plan that best suits their needs.

EMU Offers a Student Health Insurance Policy

Student Insurance is a policy covering accidents and injuries available to students at Eastern Michigan University. It includes any treatments necessary and reasonable, including those that require referrals to specialists outside of University Health Services. Patients with Student Insurance are responsible for a small co-payment for visits and prescribed medications. University Health Services staff submit charges to and are reimbursed directly by the insurance company. Patients receive itemized receipts for all visits.

The policy also provides a great deal of free services for students including an annual preventative visit, pertinent laboratory testing, immunizations and some prescription.

We are insured through UnitedHeatlhcare StudentResources - you can view the policy brochure, application, forms, purchase the policy and create an account all through their web site. Please call our insurance specialist, 734.487.3048, if you have any other questions.

University Health Services Hours of Operations

  • Clinic and Pharmacy
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8a - 5p
    Wednesday: 9a - 5p
    Friday: 9a - 1p

    * The Pharmacy may be closed some days between 12:30 and 1:30pm.

    We are closed during all University observed holidays.



So, You Need Health Insurance. Now What - A Guide from PIRGIM Education Fund

- This is a great 'Health Insurance 101' guide with a focus on Michigan's policies and regulations.

Q&A from the non-profit, non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation

Q&A from the official U.S. source: www.healthcare.gov

Information from Washtenaw County Health Department


Information provided by the Washtenaw Health Initiative:

The Washtenaw Health Initiative – What You Need to Know:

There is a new way to find Health Insurance called the Health Insurance Marketplace (also called an Exchange) at www.HealthCare.gov
All insurance plans will cover doctor visits, hospitalizations, preventative care, maternity care, emergency room care, and prescriptions.
If you have a pre-existing condition, insurance plans cannot deny you coverage or charge you more.
Financial help may be available so you can find a plan that fits your budget.
All insurance plans will show the costs and coverage in simple language with no fine print.
Act Now: Health Insurance enrollment will be open until March 31, 2014.

The Washtenaw Health Initiative – Get Local Help:

Casa Latina 734.926.4656 ● 4925 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor ● Appointment only ● Spanish available
Packard Health 734.971.1073 ● 3174 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor ● Appointment only ● Call and ask for Jennifer Green
Shelter Association of Washtenaw County 734.662.2829 ● Robert J. Delonis Center, 312 W Huron, Ann Arbor ● M-F 8am-5pm ● Appointment only
St. Joseph Mercy Health System 855.753.4726 ● www.stjoeshealth.org/aca
University of Michigan Health System 877.326.9155 ● M-F 9am-8pm www.uofmhealth.org/newoptionsPFC-Counselors@med.umich.edu
UMHS Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools  734.998.5795 ● Appointment only ● UMHS-RAHS@umich.edu ● Translation services available
Washtenaw Health Plan 734.544.3030 ● 555 Towner, Ypsilanti ● Walk-ins ● M-F 9am-4pm ● whp.ewashtenaw.org ● Spanish available
Washtenaw County Community Support and Treatment Services 734.544.3050 M-F 9am-5pm
Regional Navigator - Center for Family Health 517.788.8809 ● 407 N Jackson St (Wheelchair access: 505 N Jackson St), Jackson ●Walk-ins and appointments M-F 8am-5pm ● Translation services available