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NOTE:Snow Pharmacy Closed August 3 - 7, 2015

Plan around this closure period for your prescription needs. Contact the pharmacy at 734-487-1125 or at emu_pharmacy@emich.edu with questions.

The pharmacy is licensed by the State of Michigan and provides quality pharmaceutical services with an emphasis on patient counseling regarding your medication(s), issues involving possible drug interactions, proper use and storage of your medication(s), dosage and side effects. We also maintain a variety of over-the-counter products, including non-prescription medications. Our prescription and non-prescription inventory meets most of the needs of our customers. We can special order items in most cases and have them available for you the next afternoon. Please call or come in and we will be happy to provide information on the availability and price of both prescription and over-the-counter products.


SUITE 201, Snow Health Center (at west end of the second floor, straight off main entrance hallway)


  • Telephone: 734.487.1125
  • Fax: 734.487.0273
  • Email: EMU_Pharmacy@emich.edu


  • Fall and Winter Terms
    Monday - Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

    *The pharmacy may be closed some days, particularly Fridays, from 12:30-1:30pm.

  • Summer Terms
    Monday, Tuesday,Thursday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
    Wednesday: 9:00am to 5:00pm.
    Friday: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Note: We are closed during all University observed holidays, including between Fall and Winter semesters


Who may use the UHS Pharmacy:

  • Current students, faculty and staff of the university and their immediate dependents
  • Students may use the pharmacy for one year after the last enrollment
  • As of January 1, 2013 faculty and staff will have the option of obtaining 90-day supplies of their on-going medications from the Health Service Pharmacy rather than mail-order through Express Scripts/Medco.

Accepted Insurance(s):

The pharmacy accepts most prescription insurance plans. We add new plans when needed to serve the EMU community. Because of the way that insurers do business, we may not be able to tell you if we can accept your specific insurance without actually processing a claim. You will be given the option to go to another pharmacy if we are not a provider for your insurance plan.
Some of the plans we are currently approved for are:
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan and Community Blue
  • Medco Health (formerly Paid Prescriptions)
  • Caremark (including AdvancePCS)
  • MedImpact
  • MiMedicaid – most Medicaid plans
  • ExpressScripts
If you don’t recognize your plan, please bring your insurance card to the pharmacy and we will find out if we are an approved provider (we may not be able to provide this information over the phone because we may have to make several phone calls to track down the actual prescription claims processor and our status as a provider). Most insurance companies don't process their own insurance claims. Frequently, we find that one of the above companies or one of the smaller claims processors we do business with is responsible for prescription coverage.


Methods of Payment:

  • Cash, check, or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card)
  • Faculty/Staff may use payroll deduction, which can only be signed by the employee
  • EMU’s Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) cards
  • Enrolled students can have the charge placed on their eBill


  • Prescription information, like your other medical information, is confidential and will not be provided to your parents, spouse significant-other or anyone else without your written permission, except as allowed by law.
  • For this reason, we will not accept a request to refill or pick up a prescription by a third party. If you want someone else to pick up your prescription for you, you must call us to request the refill and provide the name of the person that will be picking it up (they will be asked to present a picture ID).
  • Processing a prescription insurance claim provides information to the third party (insurer) necessary to process your claim. The third party may communicate some of this information to the insured party as part of their claims communication. For example, if you are covered under your parent’s insurance policy, the names of the medications you receive that are processed through the insurance company may be listed on a statement sent to your parents. This is allowed because it is part of the insurance policy provisions.

Out-of-State Prescriptions:

  • Most out-of-state prescriptions can be filled at the Health Service Pharmacy.  Please consult the pharmacy staff regarding specific medications.

Moving Prescriptions to (or from) the Health Service Pharmacy:

  • Refills remaining on a prescription at another pharmacy that you would like to obtain at the Health Service Pharmacy can be transferred.  The easiest method is to bring the container with the label or the receipt from the last fill at the other pharmacy to the Health Service Pharmacy.  We will call the other pharmacy and transfer the remaining refills, unless prohibited by law.  You can call in your request to transfer a prescription but the process may take longer without the information from the original pharmacy.
  • If your current prescription calls for a 30-day supply per refill, we can contact your provider and request permission to change the remainder of the prescription refills to 90-days each.
  • To transfer a prescription to another pharmacy, provide the labeled container or receipt that we provided on you last fill and the other pharmacy will contact us.

Phone or Email Ahead for Refills:

  • We know your time is valuable and hope to make your wait in the pharmacy as short as possible.  By calling or emailing ahead when you need prescription(s) refilled, we will be able to have the prescription(s) ready for you. 
  • We recommend that you call or email in one (1) or two (2) days before you will be in to pick-up your medication(s), especially if a special order item is among them. 

Having Someone Else Pickup Your Prescriptions:

  • When you call or email to have your prescriptions(s) refilled, be sure to tell us if someone else will be picking them up and provide their full name.
  • They will need to provide identification, such as a driver’s license or EMU ID.
  • We will not give your prescription(s) to someone that just stops in and says they are picking up your medications – this would violate the confidentiality of your prescription information. 

Prescription refills during University holidays:

  • The Health Service Pharmacy is closed for University designated holidays.  Because the university closes from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day every year we make an effort to remind patients that may need refills during that period, or other university holidays, to come in beforehand so we can make sure that they don’t run out of medication. 
  • If the insurance claim for your prescription is rejected because it is too soon to refill, we will hold the claim and process it after the holiday. 

Mail Order Requests

  • Mailing prescriptions entails extra costs and legal requirements; we will make every effort to accommodate mail requests as allowed under Michigan law. Please contact us for details.

Drug Assistance Program

  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance is an interactive web site that works with 475 public and private assistance programs. The site is designed to help patients find assistance programs for which they may qualify. The service is free and completely confidential. The site is www.pparx.org.
  • The patient is responsible for obtaining the application form from the program or drug company and collecting the documentation required. The patient's next step is to make an appointment with their physician or the staff physician here to have the physician sign the form and write the prescription per guidelines of the application. The patient then mails the information to the drug company and is responsible for keeping track of refills and any other info required. Some companies require an advocate to obtain the initial forms. We can help with this process.