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| Friday, October 12, 2012


PHYSICAL PLANT KEY OFFICE HAS MOVED: The Key office has moved to Central Operations. The key office is located on the 1st floor of the Parking Structure just of Oakwood. The hours remain the same from Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and is closed for lunch. At times there will be meetings that the key office must attend. There will be notification stating that the office will be closed and when it will reopen.

Physical Plant Key Information - The Physical Plant is a fast pace growing Department. We are consistently updating our website. Please visit and get acquainted with the many things we do for you all over campus.  We would like you to visit our frequently asked questions.   Where do I obtain a key, transfer or clearance form?  Is a lock change the same as re-keying a lock?  What is the procedure for re-keying?  What do I do to report a lost key(s)? Please log onto our website and download the updated key form. This has the updated fax number on the form. Also, did you know you have 30 days to pick up your key(s) when notified?  After the 30th day if not picked up the key will be recycled and your department will be billed $25.00 per key.  These are just a few of many questions we receive daily. It is important to keep up with the policy and procedure of the keys/lock changes and re-keying.  Any questions please contact Kaye Tobias at 487-2494 or email at Kstachlew@emich.edu.


NEW EVENTS CALENDAR ON EMU WEBSITE: Would you like to post an event or happening around campus? A new events calendar has been developed by Integrated Content. The "template" is easy to use and gives any user with a My.emich username and password the ability to submit and manage an event. All events are subject to approval. To submit an event, go to the EMU website, click on "calendars," click the green button labeled "Submit an Event" (located on the bottom left) and enter your event information. If you need help or have questions, please contact Debra Johnson at djohn144@emich.edu or call 487-2484.


DEPARTMENT DIRECTORY UPDATES: If your Department Directory listing is not accurate, please send the updated information to: dept_directory@emich.edu. For questions, contact Debra Burke at 487-6895 or by e-mail at dburke15@emich.edu. Please note that personal directory listings are populated by Banner and you will need to contact Academic HR or Staff HR to update personal listings. 


DO YOU LOVE TO COOK?: The EMU Children's Institute cookbook is now available and filled with over 140 recipes contributed by families and staff. The cookbook is $10.00 (spiral bound) and $5.00 for the CD (cash or check ) with proceeds going to the Family Scholarship Fund. Stop by the Children's Institute, 1055 Cornell, Suite 101, Fletcher between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or contact Tracey Buhinicek at 487-2348, or email at tbuhinice@emich.edu. Try a new recipe and help a child.


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