Eastern Michigan University self-reports four violations to NCAA involving women's basketball program

Disciplinary action includes one-month suspension 
without pay for Head Coach AnnMarie Gilbert

by Walter Kraft, Published September 09, 2010

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YPSILANTI -  An internal investigation of Eastern Michigan University's women's basketball program has resulted in the University self-reporting four violations to the NCAA.  The self-report was filed with the NCAA on Friday, Sept. 24.

The self-reported violations involve exceeding limits on practice time, improper coach involvement in voluntary practices, and two individual violations regarding prospective student athletes participating in organized workouts.

The violations were uncovered during an internal investigation conducted by the Eastern Michigan University Compliance Office over the past two months, following information received from a student athlete.

Athletic Director Derrick Gragg announced the following disciplinary action as a result of the violations:

  • AnnMarie Gilbert, Head Coach
    • Suspended without pay for one month
    • Salary freeze for 2010-2011
    • Mandatory counseling during 30-day suspension
    • Letter of Reprimand
    • Apology to team members
    • Attend NCAA Regional Rules Seminar - pay own costs, provide full summary of all rules sessions attended to Compliance Office
  • Darin Thrun, Assistant Coach
    • Indefinite suspension with pay
    • Salary freeze for 2010-2011
    • Letter of Reprimand
    • Attend NCAA Regional Rules Seminar - pay own costs, provide full summary of all rules sessions attended to Compliance Office
  • LaTonya Tate, Assistant Coach
    • Letter of Reprimand
    • Salary freeze for 2010-2011
    • Attend NCAA Regional Rules Seminar - pay own costs, provide full summary of all rules sessions attended to Compliance Office
  • Blair Wagner, Assistant Coach Strength and Conditioning
    • Educational session with supervisor regarding voluntary workouts

To accommodate concerns regarding disciplinary procedures, the reference to a letter of reprimand issued to another individual has been removed from this website.

"We obviously take this matter very seriously, are cooperating fully with the NCAA and have provided a formal self report and self-imposed sanctions," said Gragg.  "While I am disappointed, I am confident that Coach Gilbert will learn from this and that this will make her an even better coach in the future. The issuance of self-imposed sanctions does not preclude further disciplinary action should additional information be developed or sanctions imposed regarding the women's basketball program."

In addition to the disciplinary action involving the coaches, the following self-imposed sanctions were announced:

  • Two-years probation
  • A reduction in countable athletically-related activities as follows:
    • Fall 2010: Total of 14 hours a week (-6 hours a week)
    • Winter 2011: Total of 15 hours a week (-5 hours a week)
  • Student-athletes will receive two days off weekly during the MAC season for 2010-11
  • A reduction in the number of expense-paid recruiting visits from 12 per year to 10 per year in 2010-11 and 2011-12
  • Recreational/open gym activities for prospects prohibited for the women's basketball program for two years
  • Additional educational sessions for women's basketball staff and strength and conditioning staff members (AD will attend to re-enforce the seriousness of the situation)
  • Detailed practice schedules submitted to Compliance each week; Compliance will continue to spot check practices/voluntary workouts
  • CARA forms submitted weekly, entire team must sign to verify accuracy
  • Tutor/academic advisor to travel with team to ensure that there are at least three hours of mandatory study time per day while on the road
  • Monthly meetings between the academic support staff and the head coach had been implemented. This will be increased to twice monthly.

"The team was notified of our decision over the weekend," said Gragg. "They were disappointed, but we have a strong support team in place to help them through this. We will continue to stand by them during this process."

Assistant Coach LaTonya Tate was named acting head coach during Coach Gilbert's suspension.

In addition to the violations that were self-reported, Eastern identified information that may suggest other violations occurred. 

"We have taken swift and decisive action in this matter," said Susan Martin, President of Eastern Michigan University. "We expect the best of everyone involved in a leadership capacity at EMU and will cooperate fully with the NCAA with the utmost transparency."

Documents related to this matter, including the Self-Report to the NCAA, Self-Imposed Sanctions, Disciplinary Letters to the Coaches, as well as Eastern Michigan University's Infraction Reporting Procedures are available at www.emich.edu/ncaa_violations.  Additional information will be added to the site as the NCAA review of this matter progresses. 

Walter Kraft



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